CERA Mobile™

CERA Mobile™ helps connect teachers, students, and staff with police and EMS personnel in real-time, ensuring that everyone has the latest information, providing an accurate, up-to-date overview of the scene that helps First Responders quickly take control of the situation and save lives.

Trigger an Active Threat Event

Teachers, students, or staff can trigger an incident which will instantly notify Police and EMS so they can rapidly respond and resolve the situation.

Provide Suspect and Injury Details

To help Police and EMS more effectively respond to the active threat event, teachers, students, and staff can provide additional information like the suspect’s location and description, as well as information about any injured persons.

Navigation & Suspect Details for Police

To help Police respond and contain the incident as quickly as possible, CERA provides automated features, such as navigation to perimeter points and command posts, as well as displaying the details and location of the suspect in real time. This assists the police to bring an incident to end as quickly as possible.

Navigation & Injury Details for EMS

CERA provides EMS with navigation details to the Command and Medical Posts, allowing for faster response and assisting in Mutual Aid. EMS can view injury reports real-time and video conference with victims, triage injuries and provide 1st Aid instructions, helping create a prioritized evacuation strategy.

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