CERA OpsCenter™

As real-time information is collected from CERA Mobile™ during an active threat, Police Commanders and EMS use the CERA OpsCenter™ to manage the incident in one place. Whether it’s managing suspect details and locations or injuries and 1st Aid, Police and EMS can effectively respond to the incident and save lives.

Police Commander Management

Using the CERA OpsCenter™ a police commander can manage all aspects of an active threat event in real-time. With officers automatically filling the perimeter and responding directly to the threat, the commander is free to focus on the suspect, the injured, and ending the incident as quickly as possible.

Key Features:
  • Manage incoming suspect reports to track suspect details
  • Edit suspect details and photos to update responding officers
  • View live location of the suspect and injured helping to evacuate injured people
  • Initiate a video call with the person who reported the suspect or injured person to get more details
  • Create Proactive Events for any location during an emergency. Establish perimeters and search grids and manage multiple agencies from one space.

EMS Responders Management

Knowing the location of injured people and the nature of their injures means that EMS can prioritize the evacuation of the most critical, even while the suspect is still active.

Key Features:
  • Manage incoming injury reports to track injured details
  • Edit injured details to update EMS personnel
  • View live location of all injured to plan prioritized evacuation
  • Initiate a video call with reporting victims to assess injuries and provide 1st Aid instructions
  • Triage and color-code injuries based on severity for easy visual planning of evacuations and extractions

Police Commander Video Conferencing

All Police Commanders can video conference reporting persons within the scene, in order to get more information about a suspect.

EMS Video Conferencing

First Responders can video conference with the person who submitted an injury report to obtain details, assess the injuries, and provide 1stAid guidance to help stabilize a victim until evacuation.

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