Real-time Active Threat Management System

Eliminates the chaos & confusion during a critical event

Active threat events require quick and organized responses. CERA connects police and medical responders with teachers, students, and other citizens, in real-time, automating key tasks and providing police and first responders with a live overview of the entire incident.

CERA Mobile™

For Teachers, Students, Police, Fire, EMS

CERA Mobile™ help Teachers and Students report location and details of suspects and injured persons and submit updates in real-time. For Police and Emergency Services, CERA Mobileā„¢ helps them quickly respond, getting them to where they need to be, and keeping them constantly updated.

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CERA OpsCenter™

For Police, Fire, and EMS

CERA OpsCenter™ is an iPad app that provides Police Commanders and EMS personnel with real-time situational information and easy-to-use features to take control of a critical event. CERA OpsCenterā„¢ helps Police apprehend the suspect and EMS treat and evacuate injured people.

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For Managers and Commanders

CERA Web™ helps schools, police departments, and EMS agencies manage their organizations, employees, students and much more. Police can virtually connect with schools to pre-set perimeters, geofences, and command posts, helping them more quickly and effectively respond to a critical event.

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CERA OpenPlatform™

Connectors for 3rd-party systems

CERA OpenPlatform™ provides seamless connections for 3rd-party apps such as panic button applications, allowing Police and EMS to manage their response from a single, centralized platform. CERA can also integrate as part of Real-Time Crime Centers.

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Simultaneously Start 3 Actions In The First 5 Minutes


Automated perimeter management and officer assignment means the right people are at the right places, in seconds.


Up-to-date suspect location and description mean that police can quickly respond and neutralize the threat.


Details of the injured locations and nature of injuries, as well as video conference triage & first aid, allows for immediate treatment and quick evacuations.

These active killer incidents are over in less than 5 minutes. With CERA, police and fire can end the situation quickly and accurately, while saving as many lives as possible.

Chief Stephen Kinsey | Davie PD