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Real-time Active Threat Management System

Visual platform that eliminates the chaos and confusion during critical events by connecting first responders in real-time, automating key tasks, and providing a live overview.

The majority of these active killer incidents are over in less than 5 minutes. This revolutionary app will allow police and fire to respond to the actual location more quickly and accurately.

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Davie Police Department

A Complete Response Platform

CERA is the only platform focused on the response, supporting boots on the ground by providing tools and actionable intelligence that save lives.

First Responders Incident Commanders

First Responders & Incident Commanders

Real-time situational intelligence and easy-to-use features — Police, EMS, Fire and other responders can quickly take control of the incident to save lives.

First Responders Incident Commanders

Events & Private Venues

Special events are hard to manage. Sporting events, concerts, parades and festivals have practically nothing in common except they're large, complex, hard to mark and hard to manage. Even if you do get your areas marked well, they're often knocked down or blocked from view by chaos or sheer crowd size.

First Responders Incident Commanders

Duress App

Teachers, students, parishioners, and other approved users can quickly & easily identify a threat, launch a response, and provide real-time updates to responders.


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CERA is fully integrated with CommandCentral AwareTM providing you with a complete end-to-end solution

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