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Events and Private Venues

Special events are hard to manage. Sporting events, concerts, parades and festivals have practically nothing in common except they're large, complex, hard to mark and hard to manage. Even if you do get your areas marked well, they're often knocked down or blocked from view by chaos or sheer crowd size.

CERA greatly reduced risks to our personnel. The reporting and response capabilities on a visual platform provided rapid, real-time data to Police/Fire Unified Command Center allowing Emergency Services to respond to threats and injuries quickly and accurately.

John O'Brien

Division Chief of Safety - Ultra Music Festival

First Responders Incident Commanders

Police, EMS/Fire, Security Together On 1 Platform

All staff working together on CERA, coordinating fast responses, resolving issues before they become emergencies.

First Responders Incident Commanders

Rapid Efficient Response

Any staff member can instantly report threats including precise location and details. Commanders can quickly assess and deploy the best resources to address threats.


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Past Successes

CERA provided a safe environment that prevented tragedies and protected attendees


One of the largest events in Florida, Orlando Pride welcomes over 200,000 attendees during a condensed, ten-hour event. CERA was on scene, providing critical data to police and fire. Protests, road closures, suspicious incidents and fires were mitigated by CERA's response technology.


Miami's largest and most complex event is the Ultra Music Festival. With 160,000 visitors over three days, seven simultaneous stages, pyrotechnics and light shows, risk and threat mitigation are difficult to manage. CERA's rapid reporting and GPS plotting averted potential catastrophes such as crowd surges and fights.