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First Responders & Incident Commanders

Real-time situational intelligence and easy-to-use features — Police, EMS, Fire and other responders can quickly take control of the incident to save lives.

First Responders Incident Commanders

Pre-planning For Rapid Response

Preset perimeter points, command posts, and triage stations ensure a rapid response, getting responders to where they need to be.

Live Interactive Map

Live location and details of suspect, injured victims, responders, and other key people and resources, all in one place.

Real-time Scene Management

Manage, track, and update suspect and injury reports, descriptions, and photos, providing all responders with up-to-date intelligence.

“CERA allows first responders to communicate and have real-time knowledge of what is occurring during a critical incident. Time and information are critical components when responding to critical incidents. CERA embodies those principles which helps save lives.

Chief Luis Cabrera

Biscayne Park Police Department

First Responders Incident Commanders

Treat & Evacuate

Responders can view, triage, and color-code injury reports creating a prioritized evacuation strategy. They can initiate video calls with the people inside to get additional suspect details, assess injuries, and provide first aid instructions.

First Responders Incident Commanders

Navigation & Situational Awareness

While getting live updates and having a clear overview of the entire situation, multi-agency responders can use the built-in navigation to quickly get to key locations like Perimeter Points, the Command Post, and Triage Centers, leading to a faster response.


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